Detailed Contents Of Book


Foreword - By Renee Jackson

Genetic Colors And Patterns Of The Catahoula

The Basics

Painting The Canvas

Introduction Of The Locus Series
Note Regarding The Expression Of Merle

Painting Your Dog's Canvas With The Locus Series

"E" LOCUS - Extension
"E(m)" - Melanistic Mask or Black Mask
"E" - Normal Extension
"e" - Recessive "Non-Extension" - "Recessive Red" or "Clear Red"

"K" LOCUS - Dominant Black
"K(B)" - Dominant Black
"k(br)" - Brindle
"k(y)" - Non-Black or Normal

"SEAL" - Unknown Color Inheritance

"A" LOCUS - Agouti
"A(y)" - Sable
"a(w)" - Agouti - "Wolf Grey" or "Wild Type Black Banded Hairs"
"a(t)" - Tan Trim - "Tan Points"
"a" - Recessive Black

"GHOST TAN" - Theory Only

"CREEPING TRIM" -Saddleback or Saddle Tan Pattern Dependent Upon The RALY Gene

"B" LOCUS - Brown
"B" - Non-Brown
"b" - Brown

"D" LOCUS - Dilute
"D" - Non-Dilute
"d" - Dilute

"I" LOCUS - Intensity
"I" - Intense Red
"i" - Not Intense Red

"H" LOCUS - Harlequin
"H" - Harlequin
"h" - Non-Harlequin

Introduction And History of Merle
The Shortening And Lengthening Of Merle

"M" LOCUS - Merle
M" - Merle Length of 459-462 bp
"M(a)" - Atypical Merle Length of 443 - 449 bp
"M(c)" - Cryptic Merle Length of 400 - 425 bp
"m" - Non-Merle (wild type - no SINE insertion) Length of 199 - 200 bp

Typical Merle Phenotype - Example Charts
Lethal White
The Progression Of Merle's Intermediate Expressions

The Shortening Of Merle

The Lengthening Of Merle

DNA Repair

Dilute Or Atypical Merle

Merle In Other Breeds

"Tw" LOCUS - Tweed (Patchwork) - Theory only

Introduction of "S" Locus - White (White-Spotting)
"Residual White" - or "Incomplete Color"
"s(i)" - Irish Spotting - Theory Only

"S" LOCUS - White-Spotting
"S" - Non-White - "Complete Pigment Coloring" or "Self-Colored"
"s(p)" - Piebald - "Excessive White" or "Random White Areas"

"T" LOCUS - Ticking
"T" - Ticking
"t" - Non-Ticked - Clear White Areas
A Note Regarding Roan

Eye Color

Breeding Charts


Merle and Piebald Testing on Hearing and Vision Impaired Catahoulas

Studies On Deafness

Rear Dewclaws

Natural Bobtail
"BT" - Bobtail
"bt" - Non-Bobtail Speculation on Bobtail Inheritance
List of Bobtail Breeds